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Your Letter: A note about county pay

I would like to provide some clarification and correction in response to a published quote from me stated in the Pioneer Journal's January 9, 2010 edition regarding the starting pay of the county attorney and county sheriff.

During the January 2, 2007 Board Meeting, newly elected County Sheriff Michael D. Carr requested an annual salary approximately $5,000 less than the previous county sheriff, which the Board of Commissioners approved.

During the March 27, 2006 Board Meeting, the Board of Commissioners interviewed three applicants for the soon to be vacant County Attorney position. The board offered each applicant the same wage and benefits as the current county attorney. During this meeting, the Board of Commissioners appointed Kyra Ladd to fill the county attorney position at the wage and benefits paid to the current county attorney, which she accepted.

Char West

Wadena County Auditor/Treasurer