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Moving forward in 2010 at WDC

Lean times often present the best opportunity to restructure and prioritize what is most important, and that is just what happened this past year through-out the referendum process. Community members, school board, administration, faculty members and support staff defined important goals for student learning at WDC. As a result, three top goals include:

1) increase proficiency of student learning in math, science, and reading through realignment of state standards,

2) to maintain course selections that reflect the needs of our student and community population, and

3) to support instruction and student learning through technology.

Though the first installment of the referendum funding will not be available until April 2011 (not this April -- one and a third years from now), Wadena-Deer Creek staff are making critical changes and moving forward.

A boost to support our goals first occurred in November when a $50,000 Title V grant was awarded to WDC for technology. More recently, on Dec. 17, Wadena-Deer Creek was awarded a $200,000 Technology Grant written by Kelly Shrode with support by Aaron Johnson, Louis Rutten and Joyce Boyne. This stimulus grant will provide funding for a half-time technology integration specialist whose main focus will be to in-service teachers on how to integrate new technologies and programs in support of student learning. New technology to be purchased with this funding will include additional interactive white boards and two new computer labs in the elementary school.

Moving forward requires leadership to be connected to and mindful of the needs of the community. I believe I can best serve as your superintendent when I learn from you directly what you believe we are doing well and, constructively, how you believe we might do things better. I invite, indeed, encourage anyone concerned with Wadena-Deer Creek District 2155 education to come and share their views at the upcoming community gatherings. The next Coffee with the Superintendent gatherings have been scheduled on Thursday, Jan. 21 as follows:

• Deer Creek: 8:30-9:30 a.m. at the Deer Creek Community Center

• Bluffton: 10:30-11:30 a.m. at the Bluffton Community Center

• Wadena: 2-3 p.m. at the Harvest Thyme Bistro, downtown Wadena

Please plan to attend one of the upcoming coffees, check out our district's Web site regularly, and feel free to be in contact with me at any time.