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'Holy Grail' the funniest movie ever

There are those who would argue "Caddyshack" is the funniest movie ever, and they can write their own letters to the editor to make that point, or tout another selection. If you ask me, the funniest movie ever made was "Monty Python and the Holy Grail."

Especially if you were, at one time in your life, a 14-year-old boy.

If you were, you can probably recite most of the movie from memory, even now, if you're 37 like me.

Sure, the movie is juvenile, hence that 14-year-old boy comment. But there are so many scenes that, even if you've seen the move dozens of times (like me), you're still caught off guard by the clever writing and impeccable timing and find yourself laughing out loud at a joke you've heard over and over.

Some of my favorite scenes include a flesh-eating killer bunny ("What, behind the rabbit?" "It is the rabbit!"), Tim the Enchanter, the French launching cows off catapults, an illogical witch trial, "bring out your dead," and the Knights who say Ni.

But probably the best -- and many people will agree with me here -- is the "Black Knight" scene. In short, our hero, King Arthur, comes across the Black Knight, who is in the finishing stages of brutally killing a challenger. The traveler asks if he can pass by on the bridge the Black Knight guards.

"None shall pass!" he boomed at King Arthur.

The fight was on, and Arthur landed a clean blow with Excalibur, severing one of the Black Knight's arms.

"Now stand aside, worthy adversary," Arthur said.

"'Tis but a scratch," the Knight snorted.

"A scratch? Your arm's off!" Arthur pleaded.

But the knight said "I've had worse" and the battle resumed. Arthur landed another clean shot with his sword, severing the Black Knight's remaining arm. Assuming the battle has been won, Arthur took a knee and began to thank a power higher than him, when the Knight kicked him in the head. Arthur reminded the Knight he had no arms left, to which the Knight replied, "It's just a flesh wound."

The battle resumed, and Arthur cut off the Knight's two legs, leaving him unable to move. But the Knight continued to harass Arthur with his tongue as the king crossed the bridge the knight so fiercely guarded.

And the bridge covers an expanse of roughly one foot. Arthur could have easily stepped across the tiny divide anywhere along it. The Knight had been guarding a bridge that was, in essence, unnecessary.

And if you don't find that hilariously funny, you must be dead inside. Or at least not a 14-year-old boy.