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Your Letter: Musky at the edge of the Hoover Dam

Dear humans,

I have a story for you. When I was a young muskrat, my parents used to entertain my siblings and me by telling stories about our family and relatives from a time long ago. One of those stories was about great-great-grand-uncle, Beavis the Beaver.

Beavis was a burly beaver with teeth like a chainsaw and a tail that could pack mud as hard as cement. He was a skilled builder of dams. Big or small, he built dams all over Otter Tail County.

Legend has it that back in 1885 Beavis started building a dam on the Otter Tail River. He worked hard for two years and finished the dam in 1887. Before that time, there had never been a beaver dam that big on the Otter Tail River.

Then in 1888, some guy named William E. Thomas discovered Beavis's dam, laid down some wooden timbers over the dam, built a building next to it and called it Phelps Mill. Mr. Thomas and Uncle Beavis worked out an agreement. In exchange for not letting out the secret that Beavis was the true builder of the dam, Mr. Thomas would give him all the grain he could ever eat. And they both lived happily ever after.

Why am I reminded by this? Because today I saw an even bigger big dam. It is called Hoover Dam and is 700 feet tall, 1,200 feet wide and 600 feet thick at the bottom. This dam would have made old Beavis's head spin! One thing I know for sure, if beavers could live for 100 years, I would bet that great-great-grand-uncle Beavis could have built a dam like this!

'Till next time,

Musky the Muskrat

Hoover Dam, Nev.