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Our little 'Dancing Queens'

You know the saying, "Never say never?" Well, I never thought I'd be dancing to Hannah Montana music or doing the Hokie Pokie in my living room!

Yes, now I'm a mother of two little girls who are both passionate living-room dancers. From lively polkas to Taylor Swift, my daughters love to dance with my husband and I. (I often think, if anyone peeked in our windows, they would be in for a really good laugh.)

Take for instance, our 2-year-old Ashley, she's our "expressive" dancer. She will close her eyes, move her arms like a graceful ballerina, and then do a quick whirl. It's adorable.

Ally -- who's 4 going on 16 -- is our "constant motion" dancer. She wiggles like a snake, but at the same time hops like a bunny while deftly moving around our living room. The energy involved in her dancing just makes me tired watching her! But when you are 4, you have boundless energy.

The most important part of our dancing sessions in the living room is ... the dress. My girls love to wear "twirly" dresses while dancing. It seems to add that bit of flair needed when you are dancing and twirling.

You may wonder why I'm exposing my daughters to polka music. Let me explain. When I was a little girl, my grandparents loved polka music. I remember Sunday afternoons when we would visit them, my grandma would have the radio tuned to "Polka Party" on KFGO. The bands would have funny names like Six Fat Dutchman or the Chmielewski Family Funtime Band, and I recall how the polka music filled my grandparents' home. As my grandma would cook Sunday dinner, she'd dance and hum to the peppy music. She even taught me how to polka, which wasn't easy. That hop-step move took some practice!

Now, my girls love dancing to polka music, too. Whether it's my husband and I whirling our girls around the living room to "Pennsylvania Polka" or my in-laws playing a waltz from their polka CD collection, the girls love to hop-step to polka music. (Did I mention what a workout dancing is while doing the schottische and holding a 28-pound 2-year-old?)

I often kid my husband that we don't need to go out dancing anymore. We've got the best ballroom/dance floor right here at home. No charge for admission and the time we spend spinning and swaying to music by Michael Buble' or ABBA is priceless.

But most importantly, the time we spend bonding with our girls is something my husband and I will cherish. Because before we know it, our daughters' next dance will be their wedding.

You do read it!

As my girls grow older, it's becoming more challenging to find free time to write this column. (I think it's all that dancing we've got to fit in!) But I love to write about my family and to reminisce. That's why I was thrilled that PJ Editor Steve Schulz offered me the opportunity to write nearly two years ago. I have to admit, I'm amazed at the number of people who read my column. I always thought that I had two people who read my column: my husband (because I make him) and Steve Schulz (because he has to edit my column). But there are a few more people out there that read it, who incidentally, are not my relatives or people I've paid to read my column!

Thank you to those people who stop me in the grocery store, call or send me a note. Your kind and thoughtful words are greatly appreciated. It's reassuring to know that people can relate to my columns and how they may conjure up a memory or two. It inspires me to keep writing.

Oh, and if anyone wants to babysit my daughters to free up some time for me to write, give me a call! Dancing shoes are required though.