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Your Letter: The Tomb of the Unknown explained

The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, currently known as the Tomb of the Unknown, proudly stands near the center of the Arlington National Cemetery. The tomb is a constant symbol of the soldiers who died to preserve our freedom as Americans.

What we may not realize is that these men and women were not just soldiers, but moms and dads, sons and daughters, brothers and sisters who spent their lives defending our freedom. One thing that I remember is a story my mom once told me about a little boy in her first grade class. One day there was a Parent's Day and my mom asked this little boy if his mom and dad were coming. The little boy just said, "my mom is coming, my dad was killed in the war." The war takes many lives over the course of time and it changes people's lives forever, much like this.

The Tomb of the Unknown is guarded with specially-trained guards 24/7. This isn't just a nine to five job, this is a high honor, not only for the guards, but for the guards to honor these people who lost their lives, to give us freedom. The soldiers who guard this are members of the Third United States Infantry, known as the Old Guard. They stay stationed at the Tomb, in rain, snow or disaster, they stay loyal to the Tomb.

The men and women buried in the Tomb were presented with the Medal on Honor. Although this is a great honor, a medal cannot give enough honor to these men and women who gave their lives to save ours, to give us freedom as Americans.

This Tomb still stands today as not only a symbol of those soldiers and their families, but for the other soldiers still fighting for our freedom, will to give whatever it takes to keep us safe. The least we can do is honor them with tomb, the Tomb of the Unknown.

Hope Tranby

(Hope Tranby is a freshman at Park Christian School in Moorhead. This winning essay gave her the honor of laying a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown in Washington, D.C. Hope is the daughter and Chip and Heidi Tranby of Fargo, N.D. and the granddaughter of Frank and Lila Tranby of Wadena.)