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Your Letter: The flu is Obama's fault?

I'm always amused by the lengths some people will go to blame all of their problems on someone else. A recent letter in this paper went so far as to blame President Obama for not curing the flu. Might as well blame him for the rain last week, or our upcoming winter. I haven't gotten a deer yet, it must be Obama's fault!

If you would take one single second to think, rather than going into irrational histrionics, maybe you could remember that government officials have always said vaccines will be coming into major production around this time of year. And indeed they are. It seems like many people are very angry that the companies manufacturing the vaccines can't magically make one for everyone with a simple snap of their fingers. If you'll recall, the flu comes around every year.

Just because the news media tell you that you must go into a panic over H1N1, that doesn't mean you have to listen. Of course, I'm sure it's much easier to just close your mind to reason and blame all of the bad things that happen in the world on the "government."

Corey Schmitz