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Your Letter: A 40 cent-per-day investment in our communities

Wadena, Deer Creek, and Bluffton residents: Why do you live here? I live here with my family because I was raised here by my parents. My husband and I chose to raise our family here. Why you ask? The school system! It offered great class sizes, course offerings, fine arts and extra curricular activities and much more. We also appreciate what the communities have to offer. Small town pride and comfort, downtown retailers, great parks, residents of all ages, many recreation opportunities, choices of religious faith, community organizations and again much, much more.

If these are the same reasons you live in these communities the referendum vote on Nov. 3 needs you to vote yes to both of the questions. By voting yes, you will help ensure the viability of our communities by keeping existing jobs in our school system. Jobs mean money circulating in our communities and keeping families from moving away. Our communities should be enticing to have people wanting to move here and bring their families. The example of tax increase has been on a $90,000 value property. The tax would be $12.01 a month. If you put this amount into a per day rate the average is 40 cents. What do we already spend 40 cents a day on that we "want" but don't really "need" that we could do without and put towards our school and communities?

By refraining from only one of the following each day, we can accomplish this goal. A can of pop, candy bar, a cup of coffee, adult beverage, lottery ticket, pull tab, tobacco product or meal at a fast food place, and the list can go on and on. Most of the items listed were even more than the 40 cents amount.

Please think of the referendum as an investment in our community not as giving up 40 cents a day, but gaining a child's education as a real profitable return. Please do this for our community, your children, your grandchildren, your neighbors, your neighbors grandchildren, do this for you. I'm doing this for my grandchildren and everyone else, as the wonderful people of these communities did it for my family and myself. Please vote yes/yes.

Lori Kneisl