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Your Letter:Supporting the referendum on Nov. 3

My name is Zachary Kreklau and I am 26 years old. I have a wife and a 4-year-old daughter, and I have made the choice to live, work and raise my family here in Wadena. I am currently the secretary of the Wadena Lions Club and the vice president of the Partners for a Healthy Wadena Board

We are certainly facing some challenging times both as a nation and a community. Unfortunately, the economic and financial problems of today have trickled down to the levels where we recognize them in our everyday lives. The state of Minnesota has been unable to provide the level of financial support to our school districts that it had once done in the past, and now it is up to local taxpayers to decide whether or not we will support our schools.

Most districts are facing the same challenges as Wadena-Deer Creek is now facing. Many of these districts have also been unsuccessful in passing levies as a means of generating local financial support. As you consider your position on the upcoming referendum, please keep these points in mind:

• Our community has seen a number of businesses close over the past several months. The school is one of the largest employers in the area and provides our children and grandchildren with the tools they need to be successful later on in life. If we pass this referendum, we are differentiating our town and giving reason for prospective citizens to live and work in our community.

• If we choose not to pass this referendum, there is a high likelihood that we will find ourselves facing this issue again and again until we resolve it.

• Property taxes will be increased for many people, however people living on low or fixed incomes are likely to receive a property tax rebate which will reduce the extra taxes they might otherwise pay.

There are a limited number of voters in our district, which means every vote carries real meaning in this decision. I believe it is important we support our school and the future of our community by voting "yes" for items 1 and 2 of the referendum on Nov. 3.

Zachary J. Kreklau