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Your Letter: Right to bear arms, hunt must be protected

Approximately six years ago, the state of Minnesota saw fit to pass the right to carry a concealed weapon bill. When it passed, we heard the opponents of this bill say that blood would be running in the streets. I also heard these same people say that there would he shoot-outs in businesses and homes throughout Minnesota. I have checked the Internet and talked with law enforcement. I can find no violent incident caused by a permit to carry citizen in Minnesota. There may be one out there, but I could not find it. Some states arc reporting a substantial drop in crime after implementing right to carry laws. I have seen no such study in Minnesota. However, I have an idea it would show the same results. According to a report from the national crime surveys, guns are used to thwart a crime nearly two million times a year.

The signs I see in some businesses amuse me. Signs such as "No Firearms Allowed on These Premises." Why not a sign that reads "No Robbers Allowed on These Premises"? I have yet to see anyone brave enough to put up a sign in their front yard that reads "There Are No Firearms In This Home." That sign may bring some uninvited guest to their house.

People seem to think that the Second Amendment protects their right to hunt. The Second Amendment only gives us the right to keep and bear arms. We almost lost that right a year ago when the Supreme Court voted 5-4 on the Heller vs. D.C lawsuit. If that vote had been reversed, we might not be able to own firearms. We all have a good idea where our new Supreme Court justice stands. Let us hope that this administration does not get to appoint another justice. We may lose our rights to own firearms. The state of Minnesota gives us the right to hunt. When the anti-hunters out number us in Minnesota, we will lose the right to hunt. In 13 months, we will have an election We will see our incumbents have photo-ops wearing hunting clothes and holding a firearm. Do not believe them. Check their voting record -- that will tell you where they really stand.

The point I am trying to make is, we need all those handgun owners to support those of us who hunt, and we need to support them.

John Finnegan