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Your Letter: Is this the change we were promised?

For all of us who have short term memories, I'd like to do a little "then and now" as a refresher.

Then: If someone was against the Iraq war it did not mean they were against the troops. Now: If someone is against ObamaCare it means they are racist.

Then: It was an absolute fact that George W. Bush was in bed with the big oil companies. Now: It is just ridiculous to think that Obama is in bed with ACORN or the unions.

Then: George W. Bush's spending is breaking the country. Now: Obama's spending is saving the country.

Then: A law was made in Massachusetts so a Republican senator could not be appointed in place of John Kerry. Now: The law is changed in Massachusetts so a Democrat could be appointed to replace Ted Kennedy.

Now I know what my folks meant when they said times change. (It is amazing how fast.) Then there is the fact that change is exactly what we were promised!

Daniel DeYonge