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Another exotic vacation for Musky

Dear humans,

I have discovered a lake that is beautiful enough for me to think of moving to. It is called Lake Tahoe.

On my first day here, I took a swim. The water is very clear, though a bit colder than what I am used to in Otter Tail Lake on a late summer day.

The other difference I noticed is that in Otter Tail, I can swim out a long way and still dive down and touch the bottom.

I tried that here. But after several dives, inhaling as much air as my muskrat lungs can hold, and then not even seeing the bottom, I had to find out why.

I learned that Lake Tahoe is 1,645 feet deep. Yikes! Plus, the shoreline and lake bottom is mostly rock. That makes it hard to dig out a nice muskrat home.

There is a shallow bay off the main lake that is called Emerald Bay. I went there to search for emeralds. But after dodging human swimmer's feet from stepping on my head and boat propellers from slicing off my tail, I gave up my search.

Oh well. There goes my thoughts of moving here. It sure is pretty though, a huge lake, totally surrounded by mountains. Nice place to visit.

I guess Otter Tail Lake is not so bad after all.

'Till next time,

Musky the Muskrat

From Lake Tahoe, Calif.