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Hunters: We need your help

We need your help.

An 82-year-old member of our community, Peter Achermann, went missing north of Motley on July 24. He regularly shopped and participated in activities in Motley, Staples, Pillager, Brainerd, Pine River and Pequot Lakes. As you traverse the woods in search of game, please be very cognizant of your surroundings. Look for anything out of the ordinary. Peter was wearing a red, white, and blue floppy beret-type hat, a brown-patterned shirt and khaki-colored pants. He walked with a diamond willow wooden cane.

The Cass County Sheriff's Department continues to search and investigate this strange disappearance and follow leads and tips along with volunteers and family.

Now we call on the hunters and land owners anywhere within 30 or more miles of Motley. Your awareness in the woods could be the hope, tip, or lead that Cass County, the family, and volunteers are looking for right now. You know your land or hunting area best. You know if anything is different. Your eyes can make the difference in helping the family find their husband, father and grandfather.

Hunting clubs, please let your members know about this. Please call 911 or the Cass County Sheriff's department at (218) 547-1424 or (800) 450-2677 with anything you think might be a lead.

Dar and Ron Houle

Merrifield, Minn.