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An example of a great young man

We hear and we see in the media almost daily how bad the young people of America are. I wish to share an experience I had on Wednesday to disprove that idea.

My husband and I were returning from the Fargo VA. There was a pickup truck parked across from the Dairy Queen in Wadena selling sweet corn. We stopped to buy some. Unknown to me, my checkbook fell out of my wallet.

After arriving at home, we received a phone call from Markus Robert Rohr, saying he had found my checkbook.

I returned to Wadena to retrieve my checkbook from Markus. I offered a small monetary gift for my appreciation for his kindness and thoughtfulness. Markus refused to take it.

When so many young people today believe and expect you owe them for anything they do for you, here was a refreshing change. This young man did the right and honorable thing but refused to profit from that.

Markus's parents and family are to be commended for instilling in this young man integrity, honesty and kindness in a society that does little to encourage these sterling qualities.

I am proud to have met Markus and his family should be proud of this outstanding young man. Please keep being a beacon for other young people.

JoAnn Perish