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Your Letter: Come back to Minnesota, Oberstar

Where is Rep. James Oberstar? He is not on the bike paths of Minnesota. He is not in his small home in Minnesota. He must be in his big home in whatever state he lives in in the northeastern U.S. Maybe he is holding town hall meetings there. He seemed to find time to have meetings when he was running for re-election. Now he seems to be missing in action.

Come back to Minnesota, Jim. We have some questions for you.

I would like you to explain "The End of Life Book" that our young veterans are being given when they return home from war. Please explain why you voted for the cap and trade bill when you knew it would raise the cost of energy on the middle class and small business. I would like to know if you would sign up for the public option, or would you keep the health care program you have now. Come back to Minnesota, Jim, we have some questions for you.

John Finnegan