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Your Letter: Musky's new location: Yellowstone

A couple weeks ago, I departed Mount Rushmore and headed west. I soon discovered that I was in Wyoming. Holy muskrats, there are a lot of deer and antelope here!

After days of travel, I noticed that the plains had turned to mountains. Then I saw a big sign: Yellowstone National Park. I wondered, "A whole park full of yellow stones?"

I saw a human wearing a uniform and figured it was another park ranger. Since park rangers had not arrested me in the past, I guessed that I was still safe. (Well, maybe not with all the bears here.)

Strolling through the park, I came upon a large, slightly rounded rock, oddly located in the middle of a field. The rock was nice and warm, so I thought it would be a soothing place to take a nap in the afternoon sun.

I was in a deep sleep when the ground started to shake. Suddenly, a loud hiss came from a nearby hole in the top of the rock. In a state of shock, I did not move and my eyes were wide open as I starred at the hole. Then, boiling water began spewing up from the hole, shooting 100 feet into the air. Yikes! An underground water dragon, I thought?!? Time to run! Just in time, too, as some of the hot steamy water started falling on my furry head.

Running as fast as a muskrat can (or at least as fast as when I out-ran the Wadena police), I looked ahead and saw bleachers with hundreds of humans sitting on them. I found an opening, ducked under and covered my shivering head.

But wait, the humans were cheering, so I poked my head out from under the bleachers to see what was going on. The water was still spewing, but I did not see a dragon. The humans called it a geyser and had named it "Old Faithful." Whew! What a relief.

Fortunately, we don't have geysers back home in Otter Tail County.

'Till next time,

Musky the Muskrat

Yellowstone, Wyo.