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Your Letter: How long will we follow the bird's example?

One day while eating dinner, I watched a bird repeatedly flying into the dining room window. I had to wonder why this dumb bird was hurting itself and coming back for more the same? Why doesn't he learn from the first, second or even third time? We are not as far removed from the animal kingdom as we would like to think, and politics proves it.

The Clinton-Gore administration expanded on Fannie Mae (created by FDR) to increase low income home ownership. On Sept. 7, 2008, the federal government took over Fannie Mae in order to prevent a financial crisis. (I think we all know how well that went). George W. Bush increased (K-12 and special) education spending about 80 percent in his first term. Student performance went up 0 percent. (Clinton and many before him tried similar measures with the same results).

Bush said we must pour billions into the banking system or the banks would not be able to lend. We poured billions, and the banks would not lend.

Obama said we must pour billions into the economy or unemployment will go to 8 percent. We then passed a $900 billion "stimulus" bill using foreign borrowed money (trillions with interest). Unemployment went over 9 percent.

Obama said we must pour billions to bailout the auto industry (the UAW) or they would fail. So we did, and they went bankrupt.

Obama said the government (and the UAW) had to take over the auto industry or it will fail, uh, again. So we did.

The third auto industry bailout attempt (the "Cash for Clunkers" program) had confusing mid-program changes, leaving many dealers (so far) unpaid. And now many dealers are opting out of the program because, well, it stinks. The program also caused added hardship for the used car market therefore hurting the "little guy."

These are just a few examples from a recent history of this country alone. Sadly I have to wonder if we will continue like the bird flying into the window. We will have headaches and ruffled feathers until we are unable to fly and the cat has an easy meal. Oh, by the way, Obama, Pelosi and many others say we must "reform" (nationalize) healthcare or it will fail. Any bets?

Daniel DeYonge