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To love, honor and vacuum

My husband is a very romantic man. That's one of the qualities that I love about him. Over the years, he's written me poetry, sent gorgeous flowers, cooked delicious dinners and he's even left me little love notes in my lunch box.

Yes, I'm a lucky woman. But recently, he outdid himself in the romantic category.

He came home one evening with a mysterious box. Needless to say, I was very excited over the thought of a gift because it wasn't our anniversary or even my birthday. He told me to close my eyes as I could hear him shuffle what sounded like a cumbersome box my way. As I ran my fingers over the box, I wondered what could be in such a large, upright box. As thoughts of diamond jewelry and fine chocolates quickly dashed from my mind, I slowly opened my eyes with anticipation. As my eyes re-focused, the picture on the box revealed my gift ...

My husband had surprised me with ... a new vacuum cleaner! Now, I know what you're probably thinking, "What's romantic about a vacuum cleaner?! Have I lost my marbles? Am I suffering from a high fever?"

I'll tell you why my new vacuum cleaner is one of the most romantic gifts I've ever received from my husband. You see, I'd been complaining that our current vacuum just didn't seem to be doing an adequate job. I'd run the machine over a swath of carpet but bits of lint and bug carcasses remained. Frustrated, I googled vacuum cleaners on the Internet to see what machines "suck" the best. It's amazing how many opinions there are out there on vacuums from other "desperate housewives" like myself. I found a couple of models I thought met our needs; one in particular was the "grand-daddy" of them all, but the price tag was a bit steep.

To my surprise, my husband had selected the brand and model that I'd hoped for! The grand-daddy of all vacuums! It was a gorgeous piece of machinery - it even had a digital on and off switch and sleek black and silver body. My excitement over the test drive was high! As I gave my husband a quick peck on the cheek, I turned on the power and -- wow! What a rush!

The size and power of the vacuum exceeded my expectations. As I pushed the machine back and forth, I had to use stomach muscles I'd not used since delivering my babies! Not only was I sucking dust, dirt, lint, bugs and food particles, but I was getting an exercise workout too! By the time I finished the living room, I was sweating. I couldn't stop either. This was so much fun! I couldn't wait to vacuum the rest of the house!

So now you see why my husband doesn't need Valentine's Day to give me a special gift from the heart. I admit, roses and chocolates still melt my heart, but even a practical gift like a vacuum, which makes housekeeping easier and more efficient, can really be romantic. It's just a matter of perspective.