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Your Letter: Peterson won't defend his votes

Who does Collin Peterson think he's kidding when he says that people who believe Bush and Rumsfeld arranged the attack on the Twin Towers will take over his town hall meetings? So, of course, there is no meeting with his constituents to explain and defend his vote in favor of the high-taxing Cap and Trade Bill.

He won't meet with us to tell us which way he is going to vote on the Obama plan to put our health care under the control of government bureaucrats in high-rise offices in Baltimore, Cleveland, Chicago, rather than in the hands of our doctors?

If Collin Peterson or his fellow Congressman, Tim Walz and Jim Oberstar, truly believed they had made the right decision in voting for Cap and Trade, if they truly believed they were right in supporting Obama Care, they would not be hiding from us. They would be at every town hall, every restaurant, filling station, parade and county picnic they could find to blow their own horns about the great things they have done for us.

They hide from us because they can't stand up and tell us they have done right for us to our faces. We didn't elect them to vote against our principles and then come back and run from any contact with us, did we?

John Finnegan