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Your Letter: Pawlenty: we need more like him

Wow, "Tommy" from Henning, you really don't like Bush, W., Gov. Pawlenty, the Republicans running for the open governor's seat, or any Republicans, do you?

Why does Tim's message of holding down taxes bother you? What is wrong with a state living within its means? We've finally moved out of the top ten highest-taxed states. We've had many of our businesses move out of our state because of high taxes. Why do you think our state is hurting? Where are these people with real money that are doing so well that you tell us about?

If you think our state is in a mess, you know decisions at the Capitol are not made only by the governor. Don't forget those in the majority in the House and Senate.

Gov. Pawlenty hasn't been perfect, but he is a good, decent man with a difficult job. I give him credit for his love and care for the members of the military and their families and Minnesota does have good health care. When he asked for a budget so that we could live within our means, he backed it up with his veto pen. Would you rather be like California, writing out IOUs?

I would suggest voting for another Republican governor and a few more conservative house and senate members to help guard the treasury.

Muriel Juers