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Your Letter: The Health Care Scare Brigade

Is anyone else tired of the fear mongering swirling around the health care debate?

Despite the propaganda that insurance lobbyists are spewing, health care reform is not going to result in denial of care; that already happens in the system we have now. Insurance companies do everything in their power to rescind service as soon as a customer becomes sick or injured.

Health care reform will not result in a huge tangle of expensive bureaucracy; we already have just such a system right now. If you disagree with that, pick up the phone and try to get a hospital bill explained to you by your insurance company. If you're lucky enough to afford insurance, that is.

The question I pose to all the insurance company shills out their claiming government run healthcare will be out to kill grandma or bankrupt the country is, are you dishonest, or just ignorant? There's plenty of room for a real debate on what the best way to repair our broken system is, but can we at least be adults and use facts, instead of misinformation and lies?

Corey Schmitz

New York Mills