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Your Letter: We must go back to God

A call to those who call themselves Christians: We Americans have been protected by our Lord God throughout time, as we trusted and obeyed Him. We are not perfect, but we seek the Lord God. Repenting, recanting and receiving His forgiveness. The last many years we have seen American's fall away from worshipping, praising, trusting and obeying Our Lord God. Now we have fallen into the pit we made for ourselves. God has given us free will to obey Him or not. Not: we suffer the consequences, and then people say there is no God. Even though it was their/our choice that brought on the suffering we are now going through, and will go through until those/we who call themselves/ourselves Christians come back to God, trusting and obeying.

We have seen the moral decay. God hates the sin not the sinner and calls them back to Himself. A few verses are: Romans (1:16-32) why become such, Genesis (19) Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed for these sins, I Kings (14:24), Leviticus (18: 22-30). This chapter deals with unlawful sexual relations. (Bt the way, God created eyes for us to see with, created a nose for us to smell with, created ears for us to hear with, created a mouth for us to get food to our stomachs and upset stomach a way up, and especially a place for us to tell of Christ and share His Word. He created the navel which was our feeding tube till we were born, then it was sealed off. He created a place for liquids to be discharges from and a place for feces to be discharged. He created a place for uniting a man and a woman for procreation and their togetherness. Now where is the place for two men or two women made in creation, for procreation, for the joining of the two as one? How to overcome all of our sins: 1 Corinthians (6: 9-11), 1 Timothy (1: 8-11), Romans (15: 1-8 (verse 4)), 2 Timothy (3:16), Romans (3:9-31), 1 John (5-10), 1 Corinthians (6:18-20), 1 John (5), Titus (1,2,3), John (14:6), 1 Corinthians (2:5), Matthew (23). People need to open the Bible and read it, it is not for sitting on a shelf. We must trust and obey it, and watch lives turn around. The school's lower to higher learning that have taught no God, and left out the truth of our past history of America, and the youth not having lived through it, have been taught to hate America, our way of life. I say, if America is so bad, why do you come here? If you take her down, you will have the a country like many others without the God who protected America and no one seems to want to go there. Taking over America won't leave this country blessed as was before, it will go backwards or be destroyed.

We must remove our blind folds, and the only way to do that is to come back , seeking the Lord God with all of our heart, trusting and obeying Him alone. If we are ashamed of walking with Him, He also has said, he will be ashamed of us before God. We must read all, not just these verses. Starting with John, Romans and keep reading.

Why do they want to take the Bibles away from people? Because there is a fear of our people turning back to our God of truth. Whom they do not know. Our God is a alive and a perfect God. The evil one that our "Alive God" warned of is alive and well also and is using others to try and destroy God's people who in the end, God will destroy if don't seek Him. Pray for them to find salvation also. We must not hate, but, not tolerate. Keep the faith in Jesus the Christ -- our Lord God.

Nothing happens unless God lets it, to bless or bring us back to Him. See the writing on the wall? These hard times, He is waiting. See you at worship or at your church of worship that walks in His will.

Maxine Erickson