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Your Letter: A horrible day at the Bark Park

A couple of years ago, I sold my house and was moving to the country, so I got two big dogs. The house sale fell through and I still live in town. The city of Wadena provides a convenient (as it reads on the sign) "pet exercise, no leash" area. The designated, fenced-in area named "Bark Park" at Sunnybrook Park also has a pond for the animals to cool off in.

Recently, ducks were put inside the fenced area. The first time my dogs were there, they paid no attention to the ducks. They cooled off at the edge of the pond and ran around it as usual. The second time we went to "Duck Bark Park," the dogs actually swam toward the ducks. I got them in the car and left.

After being confused about why ducks were in a pet exercise area that huskies, labs, pit bulls, etc. utilize, police and a city authority were asked about this. I was reassured that Bark Park is a pet exercise area and it was to be used as such, even if dogs chased or killed a duck.

After a week of hesitation (after bringing my dogs daily), we went back to the Bark Park. Arriving at the park, a mother and her children were feeding the ducks through the fence. After waiting 15 minutes in a non air-conditioned car, the mother was informed that dogs were going to be put in the fence to run. Well, the unfortunate thing is that four ducks were caught and killed. I thought ducks could fly! I sincerely wish to apologize to the mother, her children and other witnesses to this sad event.

After this happened, I desperately tried to get my dogs back in the car as soon as I could, then left. I went to the police station to report the incident.

The conflict at Bark Park -- dogs vs. ducks -- still remains. My neighbor had the similar problem. We no longer feel like we can go to Bark Park and use it for what it was intended. Who [decided] and why were ducks put in Bark Park?

Shelly Davis