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Pawlenty not deserving of praise

I was reading a few-weeks-old paper and read the paper's glowing assessment of our governor.

I don't think I ever read anything so silly since we had baby Bush saying, "Heck of a job, Brownie."

Look at the state of our schools, look at your city budget, look at our roads, look at the poor, sick and hurting people that will lose health care (30,000-plus.) Look at how many Republicans have lost their seats in state and federal office under his watch. And most of all, look at the mess he is going to leave the state in. Where have we seen that before?

We just got done with a leader on the national level that was in way over his head, and we got another one no more capable trying to replace him. Timmy is giving 50 percent to a job he has never done and 50 percent to a job he will never have. Can you see him trying to bully the U.S. Senate like he is doing here? He never got 50 percent of the votes in Minnesota and he never will.

And look at the Republicans wanting to replace him. The only who would be an improvement has already said he won't run.

Keep voting Republican, folks. The people with real money have done quite well with your help.

Tommy Stiles