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Your Letter: Mother gives her side of bloody incident

I am writing this letter to you with great concern about where a parent is to draw the line on parenting. We as parents have always advised our children to call us if ever in need -- no matter what the circumstances are. Well I was doing just that. It was July 8 at approximately 11 p.m. when my son called me and asked me to please come and get him. I asked him where he was at and I told him that I would be right there. Upon arriving at the scene I found my son was standing in the middle of the street covered in blood. I was very upset to see my son in this condition, as any mother would be. When I got out of my car I was trying very hard to find out how and why my son got this way. Instead of finding out the answers I was looking for I ended up being arrested for something I had nothing to do with.

I am very concerned about how the Wadena police conduct their investigations. When I arrived there I couldn't help but notice that there were several underage children drinking, some of them couldn't have been more then 15-16. This was obviously a party that had gone wrong. I am curious to know why me and my three sons were the only ones that charges were brought upon? What about the underage drinkers, or the person that caused my son bodily injury, or even the one hosting an underage drinking party? This very same house has been known to be nothing more than a party house, and still today no one seems to even blink an eye on what the children of Wadena are doing. Why haven't they put a stop to this house? This should concern all parents with teenage daughters and sons. If some of these parents out there really knew what and where there kids were out there doing they would be outraged. We as parents need to stick together, and let other parents know what's going on in our "quiet" little town of Wadena, since our police choose to have a blind eye to the situation.

As I see it -- and many other people would agree with me as far as the city of Wadena goes -- it's not what you know it is who you know. Some of Wadena's finest don't always play by the rules. There always seems to be a certain family name that is the target, no matter what the problem is they always seems to make more of the situation than what it is. Last I checked everyone is innocent until proven guilty.

Barb Streed