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Musky visits presidents carved in stone

Dear humans,

Sorry for not writing sooner, but I have been through a two-month ordeal. Last you heard from me, I was having a great time in Cancun, Mexico.

One day while sunning at the beach, a huge net came down on me. I was tossed into a box, taken somewhere and placed into a cage. Not knowing the language, I discovered from the other critters there, that I was being quarantined for something called M1R1, otherwise known as Muskrat Flu.

I survived for several weeks in the cold, dark cage. Showing no symptoms of Muskrat Flu, I was released.

But while making my way back to the beach, I was stopped and was asked to see my muskrat passport. Not having it with me, I was accused of being an illegal muskrat, and was deported back to the U.S.

It's a long story, but I happened to end up somewhere called South Dakota.

Today while wandering through some hills that were black, I came upon a bunch of humans gawking upward. I looked up and saw a mountain that had four huge human faces near the top. Yikes, do they eat muskrats, I thought.

But their lips did not move and their eyes did not blink. In fact, they looked stone-faced, staring over the humans below. I wondered, were they idols that the humans were worshiping?

I watched for a while and then decided to move along. Think I will head west.

'Till next time,

Musky the Muskrat

Mount Rushmore, S.D.