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Your Letter: Cemetery thief stole more than the items

This letter is to the thief in the Verndale cemetery.

Each spring my family puts hanging baskets (as well as other flowers) at my grandfather's resting place. He enjoyed colorful things so they always try to keep it bright and cheery. Two years ago my dad and mom bought a huge, beautiful hanging basket, and a shepherd's hook with a humming bird on it. Grandpa loved to watch the birds.

You see, a number of years ago Grandpa was in a semi truck accident and was paralyzed from the neck down. They told him he would never walk again but he would not listen. He fought and fought and told them that he would walk out those hospital doors on his own. They didn't believe him but then again they didn't know my grandpa. About 10 months later he did just what he said. He walked out the hospital doors, the doctors were amazed. Grandpa learned how to walk again and how to use his arms. He went back to farming, drove his own vehicles, and took his life back again. It did slow him down a little bit but it also made him realize what was precious and what the most important things were in life. That is why he started to enjoy the flowers and birds so much more. He sure would have loved the flowers and shepherds hook that Dad and Mom got for him. But don't you know that some thieving low life stole them away from him. I sure do hope that person is reading this letter right now.

That is only part of why I am writing this letter. The other part is that not too long ago Grandma bought the most beautiful geranium you could imagine. She was so happy with the way it looked and the fact that it was blooming so perfectly. Well, some dirty rotten thief stole this one too. I cannot believe that you can just walk onto someone's resting place and steal from them, have you no decency or respect at all? I know my Grandpa is in Heaven and he forgives easily but the rest of us are still hurt by your selfish and inconsiderate behavior.

In closing I would just like to say that someday, someone will steal from a loved one of yours and you will see how it feels, I then hope you are so ashamed of yourself and your stupid act of cruelty to this family and others you have taken from. I hope you feel so guilty that you can no longer stand to look at the flowers that were meant for my grandfather not your filthy hands. You have no idea how badly you hurt my grandmother and I do believe that you will answer to God. Good luck with that one because you will not be able to lie your way out of it this time. Hey you might even decide to return the flowers and shepherds hook to my grandpa, just in case you forgot which one is his, it is the one marked Herman DeYonge Please, for my grandma, return the geranium to the rightful place, I ask this from my heart.

To those of you who have experienced the same acts of hatefulness and have had things stolen from your loved ones, I am so sorry, but now maybe people will stop and think of what they are actually doing to those left here.

Pamela Sommars