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Your Letter: Pawlenty doing what the job requires

What choice did Governor Pawlenty have but to make the cuts to balance the budget. The legislature played the same old political game and sent a budget to him that it knew would be vetoed. According to Dan Skogen, it's all the governor's fault. What about the Legislature that did nothing but point fingers and play the blame game. Isn't it about time that they start acting like adults and do the job that they were sent to St. Paul to do.

Governor Pawlenty has constantly said that the state needs to do what we all have to do and that is tighten our budgets and not spend money that we don't have. To quote Skogen, "the governor continues his longstanding tradition of pushing the tough decisions to cities and counties so he can have his hands clean." I call that local government control and that is what we need. We the people have more control then and don't have the state pushing requirements on us that we have to pay for, not the state. With more control we also have more responsibility and I think it's time to take it back because it's obvious that our representatives in St. Paul are not doing the job we sent them for.

So what do we do? It would help to send people to St. Paul that will do the job that they are paid to do. It would also help if we sent people to St. Paul that will represent us at the state level and not just worry about being reelected time after time. We need representatives that are statesmen and not politicians. People that are working for the good of the state and not just trying to make their constitutes happy.

Bottom line is that we can't spend ourselves into prosperity, we need to save ourselves into prosperity, only spend what we have and not depend on the government to bail us out.

Terry Mickunas