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Your Letter: Remember those who walk, bike

I would like to urge the city council members and other city planners to do what they can to preserve particular aspects of our town that make life here pleasant.

I am referring specifically to several recent and upcoming changes that affect me personally and perhaps others in the community. I think the imminent relocation of the Super One grocery store will be a huge loss for our downtown. For a person who likes or needs to walk or bike, the new store location will be prohibitive. If we start to locate everything on the outskirts of town we will discourage people from walking and biking. I think this is the wrong direction to go in city planning. I also think we want to do everything we can to encourage people to be downtown and shop in our local businesses.

In this same context I would also like to lament the cutting back of hours at the public library and most recently at the swimming pool. In these difficult economic times it is these sorts of relatively cheap and simple activities that make civic life in our town pleasant and healthy and interesting. We should strive to preserve them.

Lisa Winter