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Your Letter: Greetings from Miss Wadena

Greetings, city of Wadena! I am very excited for this summer. This year's Miss Wadena pageant has nine contestants and a super cool theme. We are going back to ancient Greece with togas and an awesome dance number to "Venus." We are already having so much fun!

These girls are all so wonderful and talented. I encourage all of you to attend this year's pageant. You can purchase a ticket from one of the contestants. Support the Miss Wadena pageant and experience a little bit of Greece!

Don't forget to watch the parade on June 18 for a chance to see the contestants before the pageant on June 21. Contestants will also be selling tickets and soda at the parade.

Hope to see you all there cheering these lovely ladies on. Adio! (That's "goodbye" in Greek!)

Cassandra Popp


Miss Wadena 2008