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Murals project inspires awe

It was five years in the making -- or 1,000 years, depending on your perspective -- and the Murals of Minnesota History project is about to celebrate its completion.

The idea was born in April 2004, and the first mural was hung in May 2005, converting alley space -- which was at best under-utilized, and at worst, an eyesore -- into something really beautiful.

One by one, artists from around the state and around the country contributed their pieces to the huge project, depicting 1,000 years of Minnesota history in large, colorful murals.

Now, it's done, and it's time to take a deep breath and enjoy them.

There's so much credit to go around, but Dave Evert's leadership and Chuck Richards' artistic talent certainly did a lot to make the project a grand success. Everyone who contributed in any way should be involved in the upcoming celebration.

On Saturday, June 27, there will be walking and riding tours of the entire project, followed by a reception at the Village Emporium at 5 p.m. A recognition ceremony will follow, and then a concert will close out the night.

So often, planners in Wadena ask the question: "What is it that truly makes Wadena special?"

Add one more thing to the list: the Murals of Minnesota project. Way to go, everyone!