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Where does Mr. Ulring live?

Having read the discussions in the paper between Commissioner Bounds and Wadena County Highway Engineer Ulring, we decided to take the initiative and offer our opinion.

We have a hard time justifying several of the changes Ulring has made regarding the building formerly used as a garage for county equipment used to maintain local roads. The building is sound and has been used for this purpose for several years. We believe it will serve just as well for the next several years at a savings to the county taxpayers rather than Ulring's solution.

We feel it is not fiscally responsible to take taxpayer's money and transfer it to another county as rent on building to store the equipment formerly stored in the Verndale building. Not only that, there is extra expense for wages paid to county workers "dead heading" to reach the equipment and the added wear and tear on the equipment to reach the roads to be maintained.

We have to question this move to the extreme eastern reaches of the county, the extra wages paid for the drive time, and the extra wear and tear on the equipment. Our question: Where does Mr. Ulring live? Could it be the extreme eastern reaches of the county?

Maybe that is a bit harsh as Ulring was very pleasant to talk to and he has the qualifications to serve our county well. Sometimes, though, common sense is left out of the equation. At a time when we are all having to cinch our belts a bit tighter, how can we justify the $12-15,000 to research this situation? Why not leave well enough alone and use what has served us well?

Please take the time to call Mr. Ulring and/or your commissioner about any issue that doesn't make sense to you. We were very surprised when Mr. Ulring told me that we were the first to call him regarding this situation. It could help save some of your tax dollars for more needed purposes.

Robert and Judy Schultz