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Your Letter: WAVe also deserved recognition

It was with great pride that I read your first installment of Community Builder. The topic of community volunteerism is a subject we should all promote and appreciate. Unfortunately, I believe there was a major oversight for recognizing volunteerism in Wadena. The representation of the insert seemed to be mostly large, organized groups. If we only promote the large organizations, I think we unconsciously disregard the small group and individual volunteers. This limits the options for someone seeking volunteer opportunities that would fit their interests and time.

For example, I belong to a small group called WAVe (Wadena Area Volunteers) that every year offers Santa Secret Shop, Family Fun Day (with free crafts and games), Kiddie Parade, and local scholarships just to name a few. I have the privilege of working with a group of 15-20 women that enjoy giving to our young people. In our community, there are many volunteers that are not part of a large organized group, but do volunteer out of the sense of community spirit. These volunteers are on local school and community boards, help out in their children's classrooms, participate as church officers and are involved in church programs. They do this without concern for recognition or money because they believe in helping others.

These are the true community builders of Wadena.

Shaneen Schmidt

WAVe president