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Minnesota deserved better

Call us naive, but we had hopes that our state government would realize the seriousness and peril of a deficit in the billions, and would work swiftly and in a bipartisan manner to fix the problem, and maybe even craft some new sort of Minnesota Miracle.

Instead, we got a circus and childishness.

And we're not the only ones saying it.

Here are some statements from senators themselves, on the floor of the Minnesota Legislature Monday night: "We are a disgrace to the state of Minnesota," "This is not the way Minnesota governs," and "This is really ridiculous."

DFLers are griping that the governor was acting like a king when he said he would use unallocation to fill the budget gap, and he stands rigidly against any tax increase in any form.

The GOP was upset by a last-minute attempt to close a budget hole late Monday night, when they weren't even allowed to speak on the bill before the vote. Many chose to not vote in protest as the DFL passed the measure, which is virtually guaranteed to be vetoed.

We knew about the budget problems last fall. This was a surprise to no one. Yet here we are in May, with an adjourned Legislature, and item 1 on the list of to-dos left undone.

We don't care which party has the best argument. We just want sensible legislation, which we, once again, did not get.

It's been so long since we've had a functional state government, we hardly remember what one looks like. But we're sure it doesn't look like this.

Who is going to pay for this mess? We are, of course.

"While the Governor and the legislative leaders are content to blame each other, Minnesota communities are about to be delivered a body blow in the form of huge property taxes and cuts to public safety, libraries and other critical services," said Wadena Mayor Wayne Wolden, in a statement issued through his role as the president of the Coalition of Greater Minnesota Cities.