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Simpson new to activities department

Another busy week at Fair Oaks Lodge, one that touched many lives. The Seventh Day Adventist group was here on Saturday while on Sunday, Mother's Day, some of our ladies had company, were taken out, or got cards.

Bingo and chapel took care of Tuesday while on Wednesday our Volunteer Appreciation annual event took place. Ice cream sundaes showed up on Thursday complete with a choice of toppings. There were nuts, caramel, chocolate or strawberry with whipped cream and a big red cherry on top. It was the kind of choice that couldn't be made in a hurry.

Al Koplin and his accordion filled out the week on Friday. Fair Oaks Lodge and Meals On Wheels volunteers enjoyed their day on Wednesday. Kathy Richter welcomed our guests and acknowledged the many ways in which they took part. Ted Masog played several light-hearted piano selections and Michelle Simpson, new in the activities department, was introduced.

After each volunteer said their name and how they helped, three appropriate poems were read, David Seaton gave a blessing and lunch was enjoyed.

Michelle Simpson was born in Wadena in 1984 to Byron and Connie Westman. She graduated from WDC high school then went on to the technical college in St. Cloud where she earned a degree in creative design.

Michelle enjoyed working as a teacher's aide in a special education department in a St. Cloud school. She is married to Matthew Simpson, who works for Bongard's Cheese Company in Perham as well as farms. They have a son, 1 year old.

Michelle is a volunteer for marriage encounter groups. She describes herself as a "people person" who is doing what she likes most where she wants to do it. She believes she has to offer Fair Oaks Lodge residents the spontaneity and ambition that is part and parcel of youth.

In the future Michelle sees herself as being the mother of five children with enough time left over for Mr. and Mrs. Matt Simpson to see parts of the rest of the world.

At the recognition event Michelle read the poem "You Never Know" by Helen Marshall:

You Never Know

By Helen L. Marshall

You never know when someone

May catch a dream from you

You never know when a little word

Or something you may do

May open up the windows

Of a mind that seals a light

The way you love, may not matter at all

But you never know; it might.

And just in case it could be

That another's life, through you

Might possibly change for the better

With a broader and brighter view

It seems it might be worth a try

At pointing the way to the right

Of course it many not matter at all,

But then again ... it might.