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FCCLAers attend the Fall Area Conference at the U of M in Morris

Members of the WDC Chapter include, 1st row, from left: Maddie Beverluis and Bethany Collins. 2nd row, from left: Angela LeComte, Emma Mehl, Elliot Doyle, Caitlin Savage, Frannie Bakken, Maggie Carlson, Morgan Grangruth and Paige Barthel. 3rd row, from left: Megan Hamelau, Jaxson Brown,Mari Pulver, Teira Roggenkamp, Madyx Shreves, Lola Pulver, Brenna Leeseberg and Zoie Anderson. Courtesy photo.1 / 2
Officer include, left to right: Caitlin Savage, Kallie Kremer, Wheaton FCCLA, Elliot Doyle, Frannie Bakken, James Drewicke, Herman-Norcross FCCLA, Kerryn Lund and Brandon-Evansville FCCLA. Courtesy photo.2 / 2

Over 200 students from the the Central West Area of Minnesota attended the Family, Career, & Community Leaders of America Fall Conference at the University of Minnesota Morris campus.

WDC FCCLAer Emma Mehl sang the national anthem to open the conference.

The Opening Session was presided over by the FCCLA Central West Area Leadership Team. The leadership team includes Frannie Bakken as the area secretary and Caitlin Savage and Elliot Doyle as members of the MN FCCLA Peer Education Team.

Each leadership team member also presented a round table workshop on a national FCCLA project.

The keynote speaker, Dr. Jessica Paulson highly encouraged students to get involved to prevent violence at all levels. She advised them to be "Up-standers" rather than "Bystanders." Dr. Paulson went on to describe several potential projects they can participate in that will make a difference.