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A zombie apocalypse in Wadena?

If running against a clock isn't enough incentive to get you moving, how about seeing if you can out run the ghoulish undead, determined to turn you into one of their pasty-face, mindless masses roaming Black's Grove Park on October 14 in Wadena.

The Wadena Chamber of Commerce is sponsoring a Zombie Run, where participants, instead of running for time, will wear flag belts and try to make it from the start to the finish without allowing a zombie to take their flag. The rotting corpses will be lurking in the woods, ready to latch onto those who aren't swift of foot and aware of their surroundings.

Crystal Riddle with the Wadena Chamber of Commerce said the total distance is right under a 5K (3.12 miles) and that the idea for the run stemmed from a discussion at a meeting. The chamber felt a run like this would be something different that would appeal to the local community, but might also bring in people from surrounding communities.

"This is a fundraiser for the chamber to help pay for events throughout the year," she added. "We also wanted to do something that would draw people in from other towns, and once they are done with the run they could see what else Wadena has to offer."

Other activities at the park will include a small obstacle course, and Riddle said if the turnout is good they will do it again next and expand on what's offered. "I think it will be a fun experience, it's something new and I'm hopeful we'll do it again next year."

For more information call 218-632-7704, email or check out the Wadena Chamber of Commerce website or Facebook page. The run is Saturday, October 14, beginning at 11 a.m. at Black's Grove Park in Wadena, MN. Cost is $30.00 per person.