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WDC welcomes 20 foreign exchange students

Wadena-Deer Creek High School welcomes 20 foreign-exchange students from nine countries around the globe this school year. WDC is excited to be hosting these students who will bring a mix of diversity and culture to our school community.

The foreign-exchange students are staying with families in and around Wadena. They are listed here with their host families:

• Carla Bukowski, Germany, Carol Heltemes

• Nathalia Carvalho, Brazil, Carol Heltemes

• Wei Po Chang, Taiwan, Yvonne and Jamie Huttunen

• Jacopo Della Latta, Italy, Becky and Adam Nemeth

• Olga Dessole, Italy, Amber Block

• Joao Victor Dias, Brazil, Grace and Ron Schertler

• Julia Freitas Sosthenes Gomes, Brazil, Vicky and Gary Zuhlsdorf

• Marleen Gari, Germany, Britney and Shawn Beversluis

• Lucia Gaudioso, Spain, Chasity and Randy Peterson

• Tobias Grillmeier, Germany, Stacy and Jay Miller

• Lenka Kottova, Czech Republic, Heather Bullock

• Mike Mangold, Germany, Marsha and Mike Kaufman

• Rukpa Ramankul, Thailand, Yvonne and Jamie Huttunen

• Elima Satybaldieva, Kyrgyzstan, Marlena and Henry Hall

• Kam Sorasitrungsakul, Thailand, Crystal Riddle

• Nele Sprunk, Germany, Heather Bullock

• Veronika Szabo, Hungary, Nicole and Jason Wegscheid

• Klaus "Finn" Alexander Uhlig, Germany, Angie and Dave Moats

• Jeronimo Vallarta, Mexico, Wendy and Larry Cannon

• Hsiang-Hsun Wang, Taiwan, Wendy and Larry Cannon

At a Welcome-to-WDC luncheon Sept. 15, foreign-exchange students munched on American favorites - pizza and pop. Toni Kraska introduced students to Tyler Church, Norm Gallant and Laura Kiser and they, in turn, introduced themselves.

Students also learned about one of the school's most anticipated events - Homecoming Week. Foreign-exchange students also asked questions about school life and activities at WDC.