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'Donuts with Dad' a heart-warming event

Violet Petrowski's grandpa Larry Petrowski and uncle Tim Eckhoff came for Donuts with Dad and enjoyed playing a lively game of Sequence with her. Dana Pavek/WDC Schools1 / 6
Kindergartener Stella Hagen shows her dad, Kyle, a picture she drew. “Is that me?” her dad asked. Stella smiles and nods, clearly pleased her dad recognized himself in her picture. Dana Pavek/WDC Schools2 / 6
Kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Steffens, hands Dani Lorentz a framed picture to give to her dad, Diggy. The picture featured Dani in her super-hero costume with the words, "My dad is my super hero!" Dana Pavek/WDC Schools3 / 6
Father and son, Shawn and Xavier Howe enjoy their donuts in Mrs. Lenz's classroom. Dana Pavek/WDC Schools4 / 6
Brandon Disselbrett and his son, Nico, share a sweet moment during Donuts with Dad hosted by WDC's kindergarten program. Dana Pavek/WDC Schools5 / 6
Ellie Golberg snuggles up close to her dad, Andrew, while showing him a project she did for him in Mrs. Gallant's classroom. Dana Pavek/WDC Schools6 / 6

Wadena-Deer Creek Elementary's kindergarten classrooms were brimming with students leading smiling dads, grandpas and father figures in tow to spend special time together over donuts, juice and milk.

WDC Elementary held its third annual "Donuts for Dads" event where boys and girls got a chance to proudly show their dads school projects, sing songs and play games.

If dads were unable to attend, grandpas, uncles and teachers were there to fill in. Mrs. Moats' dad showed up to be with his daughter too, much to the surprise and delight of her students. Donuts with Dad was also held in Mrs. Gallant, Mrs. Lenz, Mrs. Morlock and Mrs. Steffens' classrooms.

Kindergartener Stella Hagen showed her dad a picture she drew. "Is that me?" her dad, Kyle, asked. Stella flashed a big smile and nodded, clearly pleased her dad recognized himself in her picture.

Kindergartner Ava Jacobs grinned from ear to ear while her dad, Cory, watched her sign language "dad" in a song to him. "That was really neat," said Jacobs.

Aaron Spicer said his daughter, Danya, couldn't wait for Donuts for Dads to take place, as the students have been busy preparing for this special day.

"The last three days, it's all she's been looking forward to is today," said Spicer, adding that the event surpassed his expectations. "It was great!"

WDC extends a huge thank you to all the dads, grandpas and father figures who attended this event. The Kindergarten classes hold a similar event in the spring for moms called "Muffins with Mom" on Friday, May 12.