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NOTICE OF EXPIRATION OF REDEMPTION State of Minnesota ) County of Becker ) To all persons having an interest in lands described in this notice: You are notified that the parcels of land described in this notice and located in the County of Becker, State of Minnesota, are subject to forfeiture to the State of Minnesota because of nonpayment of delinquent property taxes, special assessments, penalties, interest, and costs levied on those parcels. The time for redemption from forfeiture expires if redemption is not made by the later of: (1)60 days after service of the notice on all persons having an interest in the lands of record at the office of the County Recorder. (2)By the second Monday in July. The redemption must be made in the County Auditor-Treasurer Office. The following information is listed below: The names of the property owners, taxpayers, and interested parties who have filed their addresses under M.S. 276.041; the addresses of the above parties at the election of the County Auditor-Treasurer, the legal description, property identification number and the amount necessary to redeem the property as of the date listed below. Dated: June 12, 2014 Name/AddressParcelNumber/Amount Legal Description 2005 PAUL D & LORI A JACKSON32.0259.004$ 6,503.60 28438 CO HWY 34Section 31 Township 141 Range CALLAWAY MN 56521040SW1/4 OF NE1/4 LYING N OF HWY 34 The above figures are the amounts due and payable through 06/30/2014. Failure to redeem the lands prior to the expiration of redemption will result in the loss of the land and forfeiture to the State of Minnesota. Certified mail, publishing and sheriff fees are in addition to the amount listed. Inquiries as to these proceedings can be made to the County Auditor-Treasurer for Becker County, whose address is set forth below. Witness my hand and official seal this 12th day of June, 2014. Mary E. Hendrickson Becker County Deputy Auditor-Treasurer 915 Lake Avenue Detroit Lakes MN 56501-3403 Telephone: (218) 846-7311 Official Seal R-June 15………......................................................................................1943758