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PERHAM HEALTH Perham, MN Operations Committee of the Board Minutes Date: April 30, 2014 Time: 6:32 p.m. Place: Perham Health, St. James A Present: Jerry Kunza, Terry Marthaler, Alisyn Keil, Kathy Hemmelgarn, Deb Cullen, Gil Ebner, John Halvorson, Eugene Jahnke, Jeremy Kovash, Staci Malikowski, Rich Richter, Marsh Korman (Sanford), Ellen Cooke (Sanford), Dr. Chuck Breen (Sanford), Dr. Tim Studer (Sanford), Chuck Hofius, Brad Wurgler, Jim Rieber, Pat Sjolie, Katie Lundmark, Bonnie Johnson, Nicole Schell, and Amber Hallberg. Absent: Jane Aschnewitz Excused: Alfred Fresonke, Cyndy Rastedt, Jim Lee A.Call to Order Chair Kunza called the meeting to order at 6:32 p.m. B.Additions/Deletions to the Agenda Delete items C. Board Education, F.5. Sanford Relationship Update, F.6. Focus Group and Master Planning Discussion, and G.3. Nursing Home Resident and Family Quality of Life Surveys. C.Consent Agenda A motion was made by Richter, seconded by Marthaler, to approve the consent agenda as presented. Motion carried. D. Reports 1. Operating Reports a.Fiscal and Support Services Wurgler reviewed the March financials, stating that March saw a net loss from operations of ($384,466), compared to a budgeted loss of ($73,802). With the addition of non-operating income, March finished with a loss of ($312,095), compared to a budgeted gain of $36,126. This brings the facility to a total net gain of $569,860 for the first six months of the fiscal year, versus a budgeted loss of ($376,084), a positive variance of $945,944. Hofius stated that when the February financials were compiled, they had booked accruals for the clinic revenue using an EPIC report that indicated a claims backlog of $1.5 million. During March's processing, it was discovered that the report was inaccurate. Therefore, February was overstated and March was understated because those accruals were reversed off for March. Additionally, Blue Cross Blue Shield implemented a new payment system in January, which will impact when and how Perham Health receives payments. In May, BCBS will run reports, which will provide more accurate perspectives. b.Patient Services No additions to the report. c.Long Term Care Lundmark stated the Minnesota Department of Health is currently surveying Perham Living. The fire marshal surveyed Perham Living this week with a positive result. Lundmark stated there will be a Perham Living 5K and a Mature Mile wellness event on June 7, 2014. Involvement is encouraged, either as a participant or as a volunteer. d.Ancillary Services No additions to the report. 2.CEO Report Hofius gave a brief update on the Ottertail Clinic. 3.Medical Staff Report Dr. Studer stated the medical staff is continuing to work through issues with Epic, but added that improvements have been made. He added that Kevin Swenson was signed and will begin as a Physician Assistant in the Emergency Department and urgent care clinic in July 2014. Hofius stated Dr. Sonja Lien has resigned effective July 1, 2014, to pursue integrative medicine full time at Sanford in Fargo. 4.Sanford Report Korman stated all Sanford CEOs will participate in a CEO Meeting in Sioux Falls on May 8 and 9. The purpose of the meeting is twofold: first, to connect CEOs with each other, and second, to develop a model of healthcare for the future for communities of all sizes. Cooke stated the Moorhead clinic opened on April 28, 2014. Ebner inquired about the no waiting room feature. Cooke stated real-time locating software is used to monitor patients in the clinic and reduce wait time. A patient receives a badge when he checks in and is directed to a room, and personnel can track the whereabouts of a patient and meet him in a timelier manner. Cooke stated Joint Commission visited the Sanford North, and the hospital received a positive survey. 6.Quarterly Strategic Report No additions to the report. A motion was made by Ebner, seconded by Halvorson, to accept the Quarterly Strategic Report as presented. Motion carried. 7.Quarterly Community Relations Report No additions to the report. 8.Quarterly Human Resources Report No additions to the report. E.Old/Other Business 1.Minnesota Legislative Update Hofius described a bill that would allow county, city, and hospital district employees to refer grievances to an external tribunal. The Minnesota Hospital Association opposes the bill. Lundmark stated the Senate added a 5% increase to the Omnibus bill for nursing homes in addition to the 5% for community services, but the governor has yet to show support for a nursing home increase. Hofius encouraged board members to email the governor's office. 2.Geri Psych Update Hofius stated the geri psych bill was not passed, despite advocacy efforts from Perham Health. Other options for the space, including assisted living, will now be considered. 3.Mills Clinic, LLC, Building Update Hofius stated Perham Health closed on the Mills Clinic, LLC, on April 1, 2014. 4.Board Bylaws Hemmelgarn stated the Bylaws Committee has not received comments or recommendations, so they will wait one month and determine if a meeting is needed. F. New Business 1.Credentialing Upon recommendation by the Executive Committee of the Medical Staff, a motion was made by Kovash, seconded by Keil to approve medical staff privileges for Dr. Jason Asheim, Dr. Janine Carson, and Marisa Zutter until April 30, 2016. Motion carried. 2.Employee Engagement Survey Schell described the tool and parameters used for the Employee Engagement Survey. She stated 58% of employees at Perham Health, Perham Living, and the clinics responded to the survey. The overall rating of 4.94 out of 6.0 is very good and is consistent with benchmarks across the country. Directors will discuss the results with their department staff and collaborate with them on areas of improvement. 3.Healthy Eating at Perham Health Hofius described a proposal from SHIP that requested that Perham Health and Perham Living remove all sugary beverages from our buildings. While Perham Health supports wellness in the community, input from patients, families, and staff committees indicated that removing all sugary beverages would be disadvantageous for two reasons. First, it would create an artificial environment which would not allow individuals from learning how to make healthy food choices. Second, it could deter the public from feeling welcome in the community spaces, such as the atrium and cafes. Instead, Perham Health will implement other nutrition and wellness initiatives on its campuses as outlined in the proposal. A motion was made by Kovash, seconded by Halvorson, to endorse the Healthy Eating at Perham Health proposal. Motion carried. 4.GE Healthcare Case Stress EKG/Treadmill Purchase ($25,112.65) The GE Healthcare Case Stress EKG/Treadmill is necessary for cardiac Stress Echo testing. The current Montara system is a patient safety issue as it has been malfunctioning for several months and it cannot be further repaired or improved. Additionally, it is not compatible with the OneChart system, thereby causing delays in both cardiologist review and documentation. Hofius stated replacing the treadmill would be a quick return on investment. A motion was made by Keil, seconded by Cullen, to purchase the GE Healthcare Case Stress EKG/Treadmill at a cost of $25,112.65. A roll call vote was taken. Motion carried. 5.Briarwood Redecorating: Year 1 Approvals The Briarwood furnishings are worn and dated, and a redecorating project was approved in the capital budget last year as a three-step project. The project would include replacing the carpet, wallcoverings, and dining room tables and chairs on one floor each year beginning in 2014, and replacing the lobby furniture in 2015. Three businesses provided bids for the project. Upon review of the bids, the Finance Committee recommended to accept the furniture, carpet, and design proposal from Refreshing Designs, and the wallcovering proposal from Stelter's, Inc. A motion was made by Keil, seconded by Kovash, to approve the furniture, higher-grade carpet, and design proposal from Refreshing Designs not to exceed a cost of $70,485.00, and to approve the wallcovering proposal from Stelter's, Inc., at a cost of $14,462.00. A roll call vote was taken. Motion carried. 6.Board Comments Kunza stated there was a good turnout at the Men's Night event on April 1. A motion was made by Keil, seconded by Marthaler, to adjourn the meeting. Motion carried. There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 7:27 p.m. Jerry Kunza, Chair Katherine Hemmelgarn, Clerk Amber Hallberg, Recorder eotf 6/5__________________________________________________1933776