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WEED FREE BEACH! BEACHROLLER Easy-to-use tool cuts weeds & rips muck $199 (218)330-0302
Tired of the nasty weeds and muck in your lake?

Tried too many tools that don't work?

Sick of pulling weeds by hand?

You need the Beachroller!

The Beachroller is the amazing new simple tool that rips up weeds & muck.

Very easy to use and and the only device that gets to the problem....

the lake bottom.

The Beachroller cuts and pulls up the weeds and roots...

so nothing grows back!

The weeds fly off the roller. No need to stop.

You do not need to touch the weeds!

Plus it digs up the muck, getting down to the hard sandy bottom.

And only cost $199.

Start using your lake today!



May 28, 2013

I was very skeptical but bought it anyway thinking even if it helps a little it would be worthwhile. I immediately tried it out when I got it although the water is still cold so I only used it from the shore. I was amazed at how it worked. I could immediately tell the difference. It does require a little effort in the muckier areas. I am hoping it works as well in the deeper areas where I have more muck but so far it is amazing. My neighbors are already borrowing it!