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August 17 Police Scanner

Aug. 6

• A woman released from jail made a request for the emergency assistance of a stay at a local motel. The request was denied.

• A man alleged a woman was knocking on doors at the Brookside Motel and asking for a place to sleep.

• A man told police his teenage son was locked in his room with a shotgun. A Wadena County deputy talked the teenager into coming out. Deputies cleared the room was cleared of firearms and turned them over to the parents. The teenager was transported to St. Joe’s Hospital in Park Rapids.

Aug. 7

• A complainant told police her daughter had given her cell phone number out to random guys and one of them would not stop calling her. Police contacted the man and he agreed not to call her again.

• A welfare check was requested on a woman who was walking barefoot and appeared to be dazed. A Wadena police officer said he had already talked with the individual and there was no problem.

• A caller informed police her husband had just kicked in her car door.

• A homeowner on Twin Lakes Road near Menahga complained about a heavy amount of traffic speeding past his home. A deputy observed traffic for about 20 minutes and saw very few cars traveling at the posted speed limit of 30 miles per hour. The deputy then parked at the Twin Lake access for an hour and did not see many vehicles. None of the vehicles on the road appeared to be speeding.

• A Wadena County deputy assisted with an invasive species violation. A construction worker was taking water out of the infested waters of Twin Lakes. The worker was warned and he returned the water to the lake.

Aug. 8

• A complainant told police a dog was sitting in a Mary Kay car in Wadena and asked that an officer check on the welfare of the animal.

• An elderly man stopped at the Counseling Center in Wadena and said he was confused about where he was and where he had left his vehicle.

• A complainant alleged his supervisor slammed down his hand, made a threat to kill him and tried to fight with him. The complainant said he intended to speak with Human Resources (HR) about the incident.

• A caller reported a neighbor showed up at her door with two large knives and said he had been robbed. A police officer and the neighbor went back to the home to check on the neighbor’s mother was was sleeping inside the house. The neighbor told police he brought the two knives with him for protection because he thought he could hear people trying to break into his home/. Deputies searched the house and did not locate anyone inside or any sign on entry by anyone but the homeowner.

• A complainant said he believed his mailbox was blown up by a homemade bomb and asked to speak with a deputy.

• Four acres of a field was burned when a bale caught fire inside a baler and dropped into the field. The owner of the baler believed the fire may have been started by a faulty bearing. The Staples Fire Department extinguished the fire.

Aug. 9

• A person was observed walking around Sebeka with two knives.

• A caller reported being contacted by a peddler and alleged the man asking him if he had kids or if his neighbors had kids. The peddler had a license to sell magazines in the residential areas of Wadena. The man was described as a white male with a Swedish accent.

• A woman alleged adults and kids in a Wadena neighborhood were using racial names to her and to her family.

• Police investigated a loud gathering in Wadena and were told it was a birthday party. The party had been moved to the basement. As officers were speaking with a woman, a man appeared at the door and  swore at them. The woman said the man had been drinking a lot and made him leave the house.

• A caller reported a gas leak inside a Wadena apartment building. Minnesota Energy located the gas leak on the upper floor and shut the gas off.

Aug. 10

• A man said a person in a light brown Chevrolet Impala was following him around and taking pictures of him and his house. Police located the vehicle and spoke with the occupants who said a female passenger knew the man and that they were just messing around. They were advised it was not a good idea for the future.

• The owners of a recreational home told a deputy that while they were shooting guns in their yard a man drove up behind them and told them they could not continue shooting because the gunshots were scaring his cattle. The man also said they were blocking a road that goes through the property. The two sides agreed to resolve the matter in a peaceful and legal manner.

Aug. 11

• A woman alleged a male driver was following her around Wadena. An officer responded but did not observe the suspect’s vehicle.

• A man alleged that a woman threatened to shoot him if he set foot on her property. The man could not determine if the woman had been drinking.

• A grandmother who was trying to get a wasp out of her vehicle was stopped by a police officer. Her grandchildren told the officer they were afraid. She was advised to pull over on the side of the road the next time a similar incident occurred.

• Police officers responded to a domestic incident in Wadena in which a caller alleged a man was choking a woman. The two people separated and issued citations for disorderly conduct.

These reports were derived from Wadena Police Department incident reports and Wadena County Sheriff’s Department call logs.