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August 10 Police Scanner

July 29

• A deputy sheriff issued a warning for driving conduct to a woman who was weaving and varying her speed on the highway. The woman said she had recently had a fight with her significant other and was trying to compose herself.

July 31

• A police officer pulled three vehicles over and issued their drivers a warning for excessive speed. They were en route to WeFest in Detroit Lakes as a group.

• A woman informed police she was contacted by three different individuals, each with accents, who were interested in talking to her husband. Each caller displayed 631 numbers from the Wadena area. She was advised about Jamaican scammers and asked to enter information into

• A caller told police he was having a panic attack and no one was helping him. An officer spoke with the caller and was told all the man wanted was a cigarette. He was advised to chew nicotine gum. The caller refused to do that and went to his room to rest.

Aug. 1

• Police were notified that a chicken was wandering around in the Humphrey Manor parking lot.

• It allegedly took a person 30 minutes to add $6 worth of gas to their vehicle at a Wadena station. Police were given the man’s name and license plate number.

• A caller reported finding his daughter passed out on the floor. He had not been in contact with her for a couple of days. The daughter had bruises and the caller believed she had possibly been assaulted.

• A woman called police to report that two small children were at the Wadena city wading pool with no adult present to watch them. When their mother arrived to pick them up she was informed by a policeman a report would be forwarded to Social Services.

• A caller reported observing a male individual, possibly intoxicated, riding his bike in Wadena. The caller said the man kept falling off his bike and was concerned for his safety.

Aug. 2

• A woman alleged another woman was stalking her and taking pictures of her.

• A female alleged a male friend was talking about sex and was making her uncomfortable. She asked police for assistance.

Aug. 3

• A woman holding a garage sale in Wadena informed police a man was taking pictures of the women and children who were there.

Aug. 4

• A police officer found a girl on the side of the road crying after having an argument with her boyfriend. She was picked up and given a ride home.

• Police were informed by a caller that a young woman and child who reside in a house on Northwest Third Street in Wadena had been gone for six days. A cat was known to be inside the residence and the caller was concerned about the cat having food and water. The caller was told to leave a message with the Wadena Sheriff’s Office.

Aug. 5

• A complainant reported a 3x4 foot section of sod had been dug up on top of the grave of her nine-month-old grandson. Police checked with a local funeral home and photographed the gravesite. A nearby grave site had sod which had been placed there and watered.

These reports were derived from Wadena Police Department incident reports and Wadena County Sheriff’s Department call logs.