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Hilton gives vets hotel rooms

MINNEAPOLIS -- Military veterans looking for jobs may be able to get free hotel rooms when the search takes them away from home.

Chris Brovold from the northern Twin Cities is the first Minnesotan to use a new program in which Hilton Worldwide offers the benefit. "It was invaluable," he said Tuesday.

Brovold, a retired navy commander, said he took advantage of the offer when looking for a sales job in Duluth.

Gov. Mark Dayton and Hilton officials announced the program, which gives veterans going for job interviews, looking for housing or attending job training three nights' free lodging in a Hilton-run hotel.

Hilton officials said Minnesota joins Iowa, Texas and Arizona in offering the service.

“Our veterans deserve more than our gratitude and support," Dayton said. "Through their service to our state and nation, they have earned every opportunity to find meaningful work."

Veterans interested in using the new program may contact their local disabled veterans outreach program specialist to enroll.