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Few county races to be contested

Just three of the 10 offices up for election in November will have contests between two candidates. In the other seven offices, a single candidate is running unopposed.

The filing deadline for county offices was June 3.

County commissioner candidates will be running in three races: Districts 1, 3, and 5. In District 1, incumbent Ron Noon will face challenger Sheldon Monson, chairman of the Wadena County Republican Party. In District 3, incumbent Bill Stearns will face challenger Andrew Schrock. In District 5, incumbent Dave Hillukka will face former commissioner Dave Schermerhorn.

There are three positions for Soil and Water District Supervisor in this election. One candidate filed for each position. In District 1, Kenneth Berg will run. In District 2, Brett Dailey will run. In District 3, Nancy Benson will run.

None of the four county elected officials will face opposition. Judy Taves, currently interim auditor/treasurer, will run unopposed for a four-year term. So will County Attorney Kyra Ladd, County Recorder Soledad Henriksen and Sheriff Mike Carr.