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Fake check scam targets Detroit Lakes School District

The Detroit Lakes School District says it apparently has been the target of a fake check scam -- albeit an unsuccessful one so far.

District Business Manager Ryan Tangen reported at Monday’s school board meeting that fake checks, purportedly issued by the school district, are being circulated.

“Somebody created a check on their computer to look somewhat like our checks with the school district’s account information on them,” Tangen said Tuesday.

He said that from reports he’s received, about 22 checks have been written for a total sum of about $100,000.

The district hasn’t lost any money because internal controls set up with its banking institution have stopped all attempts to clear unauthorized checks, Tangen said.

He also told the board that he has received phone calls from people who have received a check, seeking verification of its validity before cashing it.

He added that the checks appeared to be handwritten.

Anyone receiving a fake check should contact Detroit Lakes police. However, “so far all the activity has been down South,” Tangen said.

“We haven’t had any activity for a few days now, so hopefully it is over.”