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Police scanner Jan. 30

Jan. 3

• A caller told police his girlfriend was sleeping outside on the ground because they had gotten in a fight. The woman was taken into the house by police and refused medical treatment for possible frostbite. She stated she would stay inside for the rest of the night.

• A man was stopped for speeding on icy roads. He told police he was hurrying home because his wife was leaving soon and he wanted to warn her about the icy roads.

Jan. 4

• A man called stating that he had been doing some work on his girlfriend's cabin and she had given him a blank check for supplies and labor. The girlfriend became upset when he filled out the check. The caller was advised this was a civil issue.

Jan. 5

• A woman called police stating that she had given her ex-boyfriend a blank check to pay the plumber for work he had done on her cabin. The woman stated her ex-boyfriend instead wrote the check to himself for $1,500 and cashed it. The woman was referred to the Wadena Police Department.

• A caller reported a trailer door was open at the construction site of the Maslowski Research and Wellness Center and was concerned it had been broken into. Police discovered there was no theft. An employee had been doing some work and left the door unlocked.

• A man called police around 3 a.m. saying he had dropped his girlfriend off at a bar around 7:30 p.m. and she had not returned yet. He told police he spoke with the bar owner, who told him the woman left with another man.

• Police were called about loud music at a Wadena residence. When they arrived, they could hear the music from outside. The man at the residence asked how loud he could play his music. Police went back outside and told him to change the volume until it was loud enough to hear. The man agreed to the volume level.

Jan. 6

• A woman called 911 stating that Jason is back, that the ceiling was glowing red and she can hear him moving around. She was worried about it all and couldn't sleep.

• A man was allegedly chasing his ex-girlfriend around town. He thought she was trying to sell a vehicle that has both their names on the title and loan. He was advised it was a civil matter.

• A woman called police stating that her neighbor is picking the lock to her apartment and gaining entry and her landlord won't do anything about it. Police did not see any evidence of someone breaking in or picking the lock. Police advised the woman to keep her doors and windows locked and to call if there were any more issues.

Jan. 7

• A woman called to report a scam when a man called her cell phone and told her he wanted to fix her computer and wanted her to agree. The number registered to a phone in Washington. Police advised her to pass on information about the scam with friends and family so they are aware of these types of scams.

• A woman called to report an accident when she backed into a parked vehicle. She gave her insurance information to the owner of the other vehicle but he refused to give his information. He was advised by police that both parties in an accident must exchange information.

• A woman told police a small car pulled into her driveway, took a picture, then pulled into the back of her residence and took another picture before leaving. The woman's husband was following the car to see if he could stop them and find out what they were doing, but he didn't have a cell phone to contact her. Police were unable to find the vehicle.

• A man due in court got a ride from Friendly Rider from Motley, but had no way to get back. Police gave him a ride due to the extreme hygiene condition of the man.