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District 818 reduces number of education assistants

The District 818 school board approved the reduction of five education assistants Monday night at its June meeting.

Acting on a recommendation of Verndale Superintendent Paul Brownlow, the board trimmed Jennifer Reiman, Renae Jacobson, Dylan Huhn, Daniel Moske and Jessica Grossinger from the staff. The five assistants were notified of the decision before Monday’s meeting. The school calls back education assistants as the needs of the student body change during the school year. The callbacks are based on their seniority as dated in their master agreement.

“We always have transition during the summer time where we might acquire a student that requires that support,” Brownlow said.

Verndale had around 60 kids join or leave the district last summer according to Brownlow.

The board also approved the fuel bid from Leaf River Ag and the milk bid from Land O’ Lakes but tabled a bread bid until August. An escalator clause was attached to the milk bid due to space limitations in the school’s cooler.

Part-time Education assistant Shirley Anderson’s resignation was accepted and Elyssa Kern’s hiring as a food service student worker was approved.

The board approved shared service agreements in art, family and consumer science and vocational agriculture.

The also approved contracts with Vocational Rehab, and the Lakes Country Service Cooperative.

A sum of $43,750 was committed toward the district’s school vehicle purchase schedule. District 818’s fleet of vehicles stands at 15.

Jodie Zesbaugh of Ehlers updated the board on the financial aspects of the building bond, which was approved by district voters May 30. A school board meeting to award sale of bonds will be held June 27.