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May 11 Police Scanner

May 1

• A monthly test of the civil defense system was held at the Wadena County Courthouse and the it was observed that some office personnel did not participate.

• A caller alleged someone took up his fence posts and put them on the ground so his horses could escape

May 2

• A two-year-old child woke up, found mom’s cell phone and placed a 911 call. Mom was awakened from a sound sleep.

• A caller alleged an individual was coming to his home in a half an hour and suspected he was armed.

• A gray vehicle driven by a female was reported for passing a school bus with the stop sign extended a its light flashing. There were no kids in the street but they were ready to load. The police received a license plate number.

• A complainant told police she suspected a man driving a dark blue Dodge Caravan was following her as she visited garage sales. Police stopped the suspect and found he was working on the E-111 calling system.

May 3

• A caller alleged two females were behaving in a manner at a Wadena business place that made them suspicious.

• A report was received about the removal of property from a residence without permission of the property owners. The person who allegedly removed the property said he only took a van, which he had permission to do. Another man said he removed the rest of the property and that is belonged to himself and his mother. The complainant wanted to file trespassing charges against the man who removed the van. All concerned were advised the matter would have to be decided in small claims court.

• An 85-year-old male was reported missing by a woman and while a missing person’s report and being prepared a family member received a call the man was at a gas station in Walker. The Walker police made contact with the man. Family members went to pick up the man.

May 4

• A caller said a young man stopped at his residence and said his parents were fighting. A woman was taken in by police officers who responded to the call in order to settle a warrant.

May 5

• A report was received of two males on the roof of the Wadena-Deer Creek Elementary School. An officer investigated and talked to some juveniles who went onto the roof to retrieve a basketball which had been kicked onto the roof. The boys also removed at least 10 other balls from the roof.

• A woman returned home to find her front door was open. An officer checked on the situation and found marks on the door and the door frame but nothing missing or out of place.

• A police officer responded to a call that a juvenile was shooting arrows into the neighbor’s yard. The boy told the officer he was missing the target with some of his arrows. The boy and his mother were advised that the bow should no longer be shot in town.

These reports were derived from Wadena Police Department incident reports and Wadena County Sheriff’s Department call logs.